3 Corporate social responsibilities of a sustainable company

Why Corporate social responsibilities (CSR activities) are essential? Because the World population is highly growing and the resources are becoming scarce day by day.  Peoples and organizations are more concerned to find a way of sustainable developments. 1972 Stockholm earth summit has set out broad goals against the pollution. And the 1992 Rio de JaneiroContinue reading “3 Corporate social responsibilities of a sustainable company”

What is Value management

What is this Value Management in the construction industry? Most of the people are misunderstood that value management is the method to reduce the cost of construction. As per the correct definition, value management is the systematical method used to develop a project to achieve its utmost benefits for the users and owners. To do it, theContinue reading “What is Value management”

Why Remeasurement(Re measurable) contracts / Unit price contracts

The re-measurable/remeasurement contract is the most popular type of contract used in the former construction industry. But even so, large construction companies are using this method to hire subcontractors for tasks such as painting, plastering, etc. In this method, the companies will receive the payment based on actual work. Compared to other procurement methods, theContinue reading “Why Remeasurement(Re measurable) contracts / Unit price contracts”