Emden Formula Calculator for EOT Claims OH&P

Emden formula calculator created by the quantitysurveyor.blog team.

This will allow you to check overhead and profit amounts for the EOT claim.  Emden formula is also similar to Hudson Formula but it allows you to calculate head office overhead from the audited accounts.

(Overheads & profit / 100) x (contract sum x period of delay / contract period)

Below Emden formula calculator is created by quantitysurveyor.blog team.

Emden Formula calculator
Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

In addition, the Formula of Emden was considered as the replacement to Formula of Hudson and correspondingly to the Eichleay Formula. It also endeavors to distribute the Contractors total Head Office Overheads to the particular task first on a proportionate premise and afterwards daily.

Potential Problems Associated with Adopting the Emden Formula

The formula of the Emden also depends on assessed amounts or an estimate depending on what was arranged the count fails to assess the real situation which might be a long way based on what was at first planned.

When we think about the implementation of Emden’s formula, it is also reasonable to claim that the contractor keeps his calculation on the audited accounts of the Contractor for the time. In this way, he can remove the opinions that may remain and do not depend on the audited accounts.