Freelance quantity surveying-Hire us

Who we are?

We have a team of freelance quantity surveyors and construction managers for any kind of Quantity surveying related works. Our team consist UK and Australian qualified quantity surveyors, Each have an average of 10 years experience. Our members have experience in below countries,

  1. Middle east
  2. UK
  3. India
  4. Maldives

Freelance quantity surveying

Freelance quantity surveying- What we offer

  • Preparation of BOQs

Our team have experienced personals from different roles. We can prepare structural, architectural and MEP BOQs

We can estimate your works, but you have to provide proper specifications and supplier details for it.

  • Preparation of material schedule (Bill of Material)

Bill of material can help you for material ordering. Our team can prepare you with the most accurate material schedule before ordering. Also, we can prepare the bar bending schedule for you.

  • Preliminary project estimates (cost plans)

We can prepare accurate preliminary project estimates before commencing the project. And we can suggest possible cost reduction factors.

  • Tender evaluation

Do you need us to help to tender your projects? Our team can prepare tender documents for you and we can do the final evaluation(technical & commercial) for you.

  • Project auditing

Have some doubts about what you pay for? We can audit your project works for you.

We can assist you with variation evaluation works. This includes a comparison of designs.

  • Reviewing of construction contracts

Want to award a contract? or have you received a contract? We are here to review it for you. We can assess and provide recommendations before proceeding.

  • Project cost controlling

Can assist you with all post contract works. such as handling subcontractor’s payment applications. Preparation of cost value reconciliation or cost forecasting report.

Fees and costs -Freelance Quantity surveying

We can give you a competitive offer based on project or work scope. If you need more assurance for your money, we can work through any other freelancing platform such as fiverr or or we can provide you payment options through Paypal or Google pay.

Just fill your details below, our professional team will contact you through email for further details.