What is a Quantity Surveyor do (QS)? 2

What is a Quantity Surveyor do (QS)?

what is a Quantity surveyor
what’s a Quantity surveyor


Quantity Surveyor mainly involved in the cost control process of a project as well as the handling of the contractual matters of the project. They are working for all the stakeholders in the construction industry (Clients, Contractors, Consultants, Suppliers, sub-contractors etc.). In some countries, they called cost managers, Cost control engineers, commercial managers or cost engineers.

What are Responsibilities of a Quantity Surveyor

based on the jobs and responsibilities they can be categorized into different categories. Pre-contract QS is only involving in the tender process. The main task of a post-contract QS is controlling the project cost. More importantly, they should control cost and quality without harming the time frame of the project. in the other hand, all the pre-contract QS’s should work as feeding party of a company. they should book future jobs to the company. these are the basic responsibility of a Quantity surveyor. Detailed tasks of a Quantity surveyor who worked for a contractor are showing in below mind map. tasks and responsibilities may change for the QSs who working for the consultants and clients.

what's a Quantity surveyor

Quantity Surveyor as a contract administrator, Delay analyst or claims officer,

Apart from the above key responsibilities QS can be assigned as a contract administrator, Delay analyst or claims officer to handle the contractual matter in construction. There are different responsibilities in these kinds of special roles.

what isMain responsibilities of a QS as Contract administrator can be,

  • Analysing and discussing term and conditions in a contract.
  • Predicting potential risks due to conditions in the contract and mitigating it.
  • Following milestones of the project and take precautions to possible delays.
  • Correspond the contract amendments.
  • Investigating and agreeing for the change orders (variations).

Main responsibilities of a QS as Delay analyst or Claims officer can be.

  • Analyses of delay in the work or project.
  • Following the critical path and make sure the project reach interim milestones.
  • redrafting project programme based on the identified delays.
  • preparing and negotiating claims


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