3 Corporate social responsibilities of a sustainable company

Why Corporate social responsibilities (CSR activities) are essential? Because the World population is highly growing and the resources are becoming scarce day by day.  Peoples and organizations are more concerned to find a way of sustainable developments. 1972 Stockholm earth summit has set out broad goals against the pollution. And the 1992 Rio de Janeiro earth summit defined economic progress, social justice and environmental protection as the three pillars of sustainability. Corporate social responsibilities can be defined as business’s concern about social and environmental welfare.

Corporate social responsibilities
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3 Key Corporate social responsibilities (CSR activities) of a company. 

  • Environmental responsibility
  • Social responsibility
  • Responsibility about the workers.

Environmental responsibility

A company which is following correct sustainable credentials have to have a good environmental policy. Products of the company have to be produced with fewer disturbances to nature,  As well as the production process should not be harmful to the environment.

Organizations should have a proper understanding of the environment (Most of them understand that the environment is just trees and animals) that humans are also a part of the environment.  The noisy production process can disturb the neighbouring society. That can impact the members of society. Not only products and process, but the manner of other works also have to have guaranteed environmental safety. Some companies are having a strict policy about paper use. Another important credential of a company which is following sustainable credential is they have to have trusted precautions to avoid environmental effect caused by accidents.

Social responsibility

Main sustainable social responsibility of a company is they have to involve and donate local and international charity and community works. Money is not the only thing that a company can donate for these types of charity works. Some companies are participating in community works with their employees.

Another social responsibility of a company is they have to conduct or arrange training and workshops to the students and interns. Some large organizations are taking the involvement of the local and international small scale organizations for their production process. Another main factor is that the company has to conduct its marketing in a genuine way rather than publishing fake things regarding their products and services.

Responsibility about the workers.

Any type of organization is having responsibilities regarding their employees. But the companies which are following true credentials of sustainability are having better policies for employee welfare rather than normal companies. Normal companies are more concerned about the basic needs of the employees, but companies which are having sustainable credentials are providing more than basic needs to their employees such as esteem needs and self-actualization.

Main characteristics in a sustainable company are as follows. 

  • Sustainable companies is making their decisions by evaluating fast and prediction for future
  • Modern sustainable companies are ready to take risks to establish sustainability.
  • Always encouraging their employees and make their welfare to make sure that employee satisfaction.
  • Allocate local supply chain for their production process.
  • Sustainable companies are always participating in charity and community works.
  • These types of companies are adopting true environmental safety policies rather than media hypes.

Case study for Corporate social responsibilities

ALSTOM (2013), There main businesses are transport and power generations. It is a large organization (which includes the 93000 employees). The capacity of the company is spread all over the world. They are always trying to implement sustainable strategies for a better workplace and better organization.

ALSTOM’s process to achieve their corporate social responsibilities are,

  • They are conducting continuous training programs to reduce workplace accidents.
  • The company have taken adequate precautions to maximize environmental safety.
  • They have reduced their water consumptions in permanent sites.
  • Similarly, they have reduced their emission of greenhouse gas consumption.
  • Also, they have helped their customers to reduce CO2 emission.
  • According to the report they are more likely to invest in renewable energy sources rather than the traditional energy sources.
  • Local community policy of ALSTOM is shown sustainable manner.
  • The company have contributed to developing local companies and education of the local interns and students.
  • ALSTOM has involved local charity programs and organization in many ways.
  • They implemented good working environment for their employees.
  • Employee Safety and motivation are concerned by the company


  1. A.L.M.Ameer says:

    The CSR required in the Quantity Surveying field is this. Spend half a minute of the present avoidable loss in audited Government funded constructions (US $ 3.80 millions) to initiate a Technical Auditing Mechanism for an additional Technical Audit for Government constructions as suggested by GOPAC in 2015.

    One cannot accept a situation (Quantity Surveyors as Cost Engineers in particular) in the 21st century,where an avoidable loss to the tune of US $ 4 Trillions per year since 2008.THIS IS AN AVOIDABLE LOSS IN PUBLIC FUNDS,IN GOVERNMENT CONSTRUCTIONS AS THIS LOSS IS AFTER AUDITING BY FINANCIAL ACCOUNTANTS ONLY.

    1. raoneqs says:

      Thank u for your inputs..keep post your inputs..!

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